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  • A policeman directs buses in the intersection of Trafalgar Square, London.

    Image: Clifton R. Adams/National Geographic Creative/Corbis

    In the late 1920s and early 1930s National Geographic sent photographer Clifton R. Adams to England to record its farms, towns and cities, and its people at work and play. 

    Only, Adams happened to record it all in color using the Autochrome process.

    The Autochrome was the foremost color photographic process of the day, since it was first brought to market by the Lumière brothers in 1907. The core ingredient? Potatoes. Tiny grains of dyed potato starch, around 4,000,000 per square inch, coated a glass plate. The gaps between the grains filled with lampblack, and the coated layer allowed the exposure to capture a color image. Read more...

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