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  • Porn may be Pied Piper's Hail Mary pass in latest episode of 'Silicon Valley'

    Pied Piper is turning to porn.

    After getting "brain-raped" by Endframe earlier this season, Richard decides to fight fire with fire by trying to poach his competitor's $15-million deal with pornography company Intersite. The guys uncover details of this deal when Gilfoyle reveals he found the password to Endframe's system on a Post-it note. So Richard, despite some initial reluctance, convinces Intersite CEO Molly Kendall (Romy Rosemont) to let Pied Piper compete for its business

    As Gilfoyle aptly puts it, Richard is going down a "left-hand path." And while he's no Michael Corleone — at least not yet — his slow transformation from nervous pushover to bourgeoning powerhouse is a welcome change of paceGetting screwed over has helped Richard channel his newfound assertiveness against Enframe, Hooli CEO Gavin Belson and in this episode, Russ Hanneman. Read more...

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