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  • Rogue groin? When filming a 'Star Wars' movie went kind of NSFW

    Moviemaking is rarely quite as glamorous as it's cracked up to be — even when we're talking about Star Wars moviemaking. 

    That much was evident to Diego Luna, who plays Captain Cassian Andor in the forthcoming Rogue One: A Star Wars Story,once he started working with Alan Tudyk, who plays the droid K-2SO. 

    You see, although on the screen K-2 is a 7-foot-1 droid made entirely of computer graphics, Tudyk was on set in all those scenes. This was so the other actors, primarily Luna, would have someone to act against. 

    But because Tudyk is not 7-foot-1 — he's a mere six-footer — he had to wear stilts on the set, along with a rather tight-fitting costume for CGI-mapping purposes. And that in turn meant — well, let's let Luna tell the story. Read more...

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