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  • Raspberry Pi Zero is a tiny computer that costs only $5

    When Raspberry Pi first arrived in 2012, it was revolutionary not because of its computing power — although, for a credit card-sized PC, it was pretty powerful — but for its $25 price, which made it perfect for cheap, DIY projects and learning about computers

    Now, the UK's Raspberry Pi Foundation took it a step further with the Raspberry Pi Zero, an even smaller model that costs a puny five bucks

    Now, when we say "PC," we mean it in the most barebones sense possible: Just like the other products in the Pi family, the Pi Zero lacks a keyboard, screen, mouse or even a case. It is, however, a fully functional computer, consisting of a logic board with a 1GHz Broadcom BCM2835 processor, 512MB of RAM, a microSD card slot, a mini-HDMI slot and two microUSB slots — one for data, and the other one for power Read more...

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